Easter at Thrive

April 20 at 3pm & 5:30pm | April 21 at 9am & 11am

It is our honor to invite you and your family to Easter at Thrive. Featuring an Egg Hunt with 20,000 candy-filled eggs, and four worship experiences filled with special elements and a message that will make this day memorable for you and your loved ones. Each experience will include age-specific Easter egg hunts for children 5th grade and under. This event is free for the entire family. Join us for Easter 2019.

Taming Triggers

Current Series: March 17 – April 14, 2019

We’ve all experienced it before. One minute you’re in a good mood and the next, something happens that sets you off and brings you back to the pain you’ve fought so many times before. All it takes is that one song, seeing a person again, or driving by that familiar place and out of no where you’ve been triggered. It’s time to take back the authority of our mind and tame the things that set us off. 

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