Day 4: Build a solid foundation

Categories: Next Level Devotional

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.” -Matthew 7:24

What are you building your life on? What is the foundation on which you are constructing your future? The answers to these questions will make or break your spiritual life.

I have worked several summers with my father, who is a concrete worker. I saw firsthand the importance of getting the foundation right before you start building. Before we could pour a basement or garage floor, an inspector had to make sure the foundation was right. I used to think of an inspector as an intruder on the real work.

Now, however, I understand that without someone making sure the foundation is right, many workers would take shortcuts or hide what was really going on. We’d have houses that sink and shift over time, causing them to be torn down and rebuilt.

Jesus is not meant to be an add-on somewhere in your life. He is to be the One that all of your life’s weight is on. Everything you do is built on the Solid Rock who will never fail you.

The true test of whether or not Christ is your foundation is found in today’s opening verse. Do you listen and follow His teaching? Anyone can hear, but it is those who do something about what they hear that are established in Christ.

A lot of people sit in the chairs of a church but hide the core of who they are. Don’t live this way. You are not fooling God. When your entire life is resting on Christ – even during the storms of life – you will be secure on the strength of God.