Day 7: Enlisting in God’s service

Categories: Next Level Devotional

“Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.” -2 Timothy 2:4 

The U.S. Marine Corps has a slogan: “No applications, only commitments.” This is an inspiring statement of an all-in pledge. And it’s the only way to have effective soldiers. The thought of partially committed soldiers equates to disaster on the battlefield. If a Marine breaks his enlistment commitment, then he or she will be charged and tried, which could result in jail time.

Unfortunately, many Christians do not share this complete devotion to the God they serve. Many see serving God as a strategy for selfish gain. As long as God is giving them what they want, they are committed. An all-in commitment to Christ is the beginning of a thriving walk with God.

My cousin, Randall Rockman, served as a Marine in the Iraq war and saw some of the fiercest fighting since Vietnam. I asked him about the lack of commitment he sees in the church today, and he said, “Could you imagine what it would look like if Christians had the same commitment to Christ as the Marines have in battle? It would change a city.”

The truth is, this is what God has in mind for you and me. His desire is that we enlist ourselves in a relationship with Him and don’t get tied up with the things that could hold us back. We should have a faith that inspires those around us to stand strong and live as a fully devoted follower of Christ.

This all-in commitment brings joy to our officer, Jesus.