Another Year, Another Resolution?

Every year around this time we look forward to a fresh start. Don’t let 2019 be just another year, another resolution, another missed opportunity. What if you could live this year with less stress, fewer insecurities, and more joy? We believe you are free to live, free to dream, and free to be.

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Thrive Kids: Mission Control

3…2…1…Blast off the school year with out-of-this-world fun in Thrive Kids! Begin your mission on August 11th with space races through obstacle course inflatables. Beam into the third Sunday of August with laser tag battles. Start practicing your moonwalk so you can bring your best moves to the glow-in-the-dark dance party on August 25th. Let’s close out our space adventure the first Sunday of September with a celebration of a mission accomplished. Bring a friend for games, goodies & giveaways of galactic proportions!

  • Aug. 11 – Space Race: Obstacle course and inflatables.
  • Aug. 18 – Beam Me Up: Laser tag battles.
  • Aug. 25 – Moon Walk: Glow in the dark dance party.
  • Sep. 1 – Mission Accomplished: Games, goodies, and giveaways.