Replenishing: Getting Past A Sucker Punch

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A statement that insanely-feared heavyweight champion Mike Tyson once made has had me on the ropes for years. He said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

There is a really good life lesson in that line and it’s incredibly important to living a life of sustained replenishment.

If you have been reading along with the previous blog posts, then hopefully you have been working on your plan, the things that specifically replenish you. (If not, feel free to go back now and read.) You have most likely put your replenishment plan in your calendar and are already seeing the fruit of your labor. You are fighting for who you want to become and not just a list you feel needs to get done. You are finding yourself more alive and refreshed.

This is all good. However, the great plan you worked so hard to create is going to get punched in the face. Maybe your kids woke up early and it cut into your time to seek God. Or your boss needs something by Monday and now you cannot go on the family getaway. Maybe you had a plan to get back into shape and then you got hurt. Maybe there was a major financial setback that has you reeling.

It seems like your plan getting punched in the face is more normal than not normal. Maybe it’s just me with small kids in the house, I don’t know. But I am guessing you and I are quite alike. We both have goals and dreams of who we want to become. We must make adjustments between rounds. Maybe you will need to wake up earlier, surf Facebook less, and get an accountability partner.

Here is another vital tip to getting and staying replenished: Our hope is not rooted in having the “perfect day,” one without setbacks. We must be better fighters than that. We need to be quick on our feet and able to adjust when an uppercut lands on our chin.

If something goes down today that causes you to take a few steps back, then you must get back into the ring and keep going tomorrow. We may lose a round or two, but in the long run we will win the fight of replenishment because we will not give up.

This is too important. Our legacy is on the line. Whatever you do, do not give up when things don’t go just as planned. They hardly ever do. Getting hit doesn’t need to derail your dreams. Get past what has punched you and keep fighting for what fills you.

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