Replenishing: The Hero Is Into The Habit

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Simplify_592x280px_hero-habitBeing heroic is not doing something once. I wish it was because I would have everything I want and be everything I want with little to no effort.

I would go to the gym once and have a six pack. I would take my wife, Hannah, on a date once and she would forever think I’m Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” (I’m still mad at him for making men look bad forever…  who can compete with a serenading fighter pilot?). I would put money in savings and draw on it for a lifetime. I would hang out with friends once and forever be relationally fulfilled.

That would all be great, but life doesn’t work that way. Becoming who you want to become resides in doing the same thing consistently.

If we are going to live consistently replenished, then we must have a habit mindset. You must identify what fills you and do it with ferocious consistency. If all you want to do is get replenished for a week or month and go back to a frantic and soul-crushing pace, then stop reading. But if you want to live differently, then you must embrace the grind of building habits around being and staying refreshed.

If you want a great marriage then keep pursuing your spouse like you did when you were dating, and don’t stop. If you want work to stop consuming your life and destroying your family, then you will need to create boundaries and keep enforcing them. Right now, I have some fitness goals that will take a long time to accomplish. I am focused on creating a systematic process over the long haul.

This concept is all over the popular business books. One of the all-time greats, Good to Great, calls this the “Flywheel Concept.” It takes a long time to get the big flywheel spinning, but if you stay at it, you will start building momentum. When will your momentum come? I don’t know, but I do know it won’t come if you stop spinning.

I want you to build an inner determination to make this the new you. The new you has created a replenishing plan, built his or her calendar around this plan, and will walk this out for years to come.

The only things standing in the way of the hero you want to be are the habits in your life. So be heroic and keep spinning the wheel. It won’t be long before there is continual momentum refreshing your soul.

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