Thrive Worship is a collective team of multi-generational musicians, worship leaders and song writers with a deep passion for God and heart to serve others at Thrive Church.


Our Purpose

In 2013, Pastor Jacob Ouellette planted a church in Parker, CO. Since then, Thrive Church has grown into a multi-experienced church that is weekly impacting hundreds of lives. As a Thrive Worship team, it is our desire to be a river to the nations in worship and to facilitate inspired worship that connects people to the heart of God on a weekly basis. We hunger for His presence to be felt and for God-breathed encounters to happen in the lives of each person who attends Thrive Church. We believe that just one touch from Jesus can change a life forever.

Our purpose at Thrive Worship is simple and four-fold.


1. Facilitate highly-anointed, gifted worship leaders with a heart for the house.

We are all worship leaders in and outside of our experience, in our personal lives and families, as well as on stage. We believe God’s anointing starts at home, and when we step onto the stage it is not a platform but an altar for God to come and have His way. We want to seek the heart of God. We want to be passionate about Him in our experience and outside our experience. We know that His anointing and presence can change a life forever. Our desire is not to promote ourselves, but in genuine humility, prefer others over ourselves and cultivate a heart for God’s house.


2. Be a river to the nations.

Our mission is to help resource and build others up to be all they can be in God. We want to see them excel in their journey with God and help promote growth within and outside of our experience. We want to resource not only our church, but the body of Christ in practical ways. Whether through blogs, instructional videos, original song resources or simply taking time to personally invest in others, it is our heart to see others Thrive in their walk with Him.


3. Create excellence that rivals mainstream bands.

We believe the church of God should be one of the most creative, relevant places on earth because we serve the only true Creator. Our goal is to be faithful with what God has given us and to personally grow our talent, skill and creativity as musicians and as a team. We strive for excellence.


4. Usher in the presence of God weekly.

Skill cannot change a life, only the presence of God can do that. Our heart behind the scenes is to make the Word of God come alive in a relevant way through worship. During our experience, with the time given to us, we will seek His help to lead people into His presence in a way that connects with the hearts of the people and supports the heart of our pastors.



If you are interested in being a part of the Thrive Worship team, or want more information about the team, simply send an audition video or MP4 to